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  1. Rational Use & Conduct

By using our website and service, you agree that:

  • You shall provide personal information like email, contact details, identification, phone number, et cetera.
  • The information provided by you is precise and correct.
  • You shall maintain complete confidentiality of login information related to your account when you access our resources.
  • You shall take complete responsibility for any activities that take place in your account(s).
    You will not access any of the resources, you are not permitted to, by any other unethical means.
  • You shall not engage in any activity that damages or interferes with our resources, which includes our servers and networks where our resources are located.
    It is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, duplicate, sell or resell our resources.
  • You shall take full responsibility for any loss or damage that may directly or indirectly result because of any illegal activities on your behalf that might lead to civil or criminal liability.

Our website includes several open communication tools like blog posts, comments, public chats, message boards, forums, product reviews and social media services etc. Since we do not monitor or screen the posted contents of users of these communication tools, it is your responsibility to use these tools in an honorable and respectable way. In case you post any information by using these open communication tools, you agree that you will not post, share or upload the following content:

  • Something that is abusive, illegal, degrading, deceptive, fraudulent, racist or defamatory or contains any inappropriate language
  • Violates any patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret of any other party
  • Something that includes any uncertified or unprompted advertising
  • Impersonates any other entity or individual, including employees and representatives of Virtual Auditor

We have the sole right to remove any content from the site which we feel does not abide with the User Agreement. We can also remove content that is offensive, inaccurate, objectionable or infringes the copyright of any third party. In case we remove your posted content, you consent to our action and will not relinquish any claim against us.

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  • You agree to cooperate with and indemnify including the directors, managers, employees against any damages or losses that may result due to the violation of the User Agreement or failing to fulfill any obligation that relates to your account or by the person using your account.
  1. Privacy

We have a separate Privacy Policy to explain our process of collecting, processing, managing and securing your private information since your privacy is of utmost importance to us. You may view it here.

  1. Limited Liability & Warranty

When you use our website, you agree and abide that all resources provided to you depend on their current availability. We do not warrant their presence and availability at all times. Any claim that you make on us is limited to the total amount you have paid for the products or services. will not be liable for any direct, accidental or indirect loss or damage that you incur as a result of using our resources or due to data loss, changes or corruption.

  1. Copyrights Or Trademarks

All the material and content on are protected by applicable copyright and trademark law, so are the exclusive property of Virtual Auditor. This includes the code, website name, text, images, graphics and logo. It is strictly prohibited to use the content in any inappropriate way unless authorized by Virtual Auditor

  1. Termination Of Use

By using our website, you agree to our discretion to terminate or suspend your access to our resources and website, with or without prior notice, for any reason that includes breach of the User Agreement. In case of any suspected fraudulent or illegal activity, along with termination, will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Once terminated, you will not be able to use our resources. We further have the right to delete all your information, including account or login information.

  1. Cancellation & Refund

Cancellation will not be possible once the payment has been made. No refunds will be given except when the cancellation is done by due to non-performance on our behalf.

  1. Governing Law

Our website is based in Chennai, but can be accessed worldwide. In such cases, you agree to abide by the laws in Tamil Nadu without regarding the United Nations Conventions on International sales of goods. Moreover, any action, if required, in case of dispute, regarding the enforcement of User Agreement shall be brought to the Federal or State courts of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

  1. Guarantee refuses to acknowledge any warranty or condition unless specified clearly. You are requested not to deem any warranty on the services we provide. Although we shall try our best to deliver the best, you must not deem that you shall receive the best (there are certain registrations that depend on how your company has been working since when you started the work and the gov